24h Noord: Storytelling deep into the night

10:00 pm

De Ruimte at De Verkeerstoren

Five hours of stories and improvised music. Come for as short or as LONG as you want.

Simon Hodges and Gijs Anders van Straalen have been selling out shows for the past year bringing old myths alive for modern tendencies.

On the 29th October, they treat you to a marathon of five hours breaking out myths from the Middle East in Europe, entwining them with world music.

This will be a celebration of all that is great about storytelling and community. In between stories, there’ll be plenty of time to socialise, by the end of the night a fellowship created by the listening and intereacting with the stories together.

On the menu:
The Rape of Io
Leila and Majnun
The Knight with Two Swords
The Wooing of Etain
The Woman made of Flowers

Each is a story embedded deeply in its tradition with a tour through Celtic, Persian and Ancient Greek contours of our culture. We can’t wait to celebrate these stories with you in the fiery intensity of non-stop telling.

As usual De Ruime will play briliant hosts supplying us with drink, snacks and a good dinner if you head there before 22h.

The contribution for the tellers is 5 euros.

This program is a part of 24H Noord and Storytelling Festival Amsterdam