Books that will save your life

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8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Spui 25

Books that will save your life: an English literary festival 2015

In cooperation with Etcetera (study association for English Language and Culture, UvA) and Athenaeum Boekhandel

Seven speakers talk about that one book that has changed their lives and still inspires them now. In this evening celebrating literature you might be persuaded to start devouring their books as well… This 2015 edition of the English Literary Festival serves you seven decades of literary goodness. With: Allard den Dulk, Erin La Cour, Hannah Kousbroek, Nina Polak, Roos van Rijswijk and Merlijn Olnon.

Of all the books that you have read, which one meant the most to you? What is the best book you have ever read? Which book has had the most unforgettable and undeniable influence on your life so far? Perhaps you have a book that springs to mind immediately, or maybe you have yet to discover the book that has been most influential on your own world of literature.

Whichever is the case, this might all change on Thursday 7 May, during the second edition of Etcetera’s annual English Literary Festival, organized in cooperation with Athenaeum Boekhandel. During this evening, seven writers, journalists and teachers of literature will tell you about the book they think changed the world. Or at least, their world. The books will cover seven decades of English-language literature from the 40s to the 00s. Allard den Dulk, Erin La Cour, Hannah Kousbroek, Nina Polak, Roos van Rijswijk en Merlijn Olnon will each tell you about a book that they think you should have read as well. They will try to convince you to do so by explaining in fast-paced speeches why the text of their choice was mind-blowing or life-changing to them. Perhaps you will find the one for you between the choices of the speakers. Last but not least: take your own favourite book with you, so you can discuss it with the speakers and your fellow audience members during drinks afterwards.