In time as duration

reserveren: Perdu

8:30 pm


Let’s hear the time, he said. (Ulysses, 342)

Increasingly, our time is measured, constructed, debased, and expropriated; in this manner, time is exhausted as experiences are subjugated to the rhythms of modern life. Such rhythms leave little room for time in its qualitative state, time as experience.

This evening will revolve around experiencing pure time; more specifically, time as duration. Rather than claiming an alternative sphere for time as duration, the evening intends to introduce and investigate forms of time that fold into collective and linear time.

The programme will consist of recitals from Peter Handke’s ‘Gedicht an die Dauer’ (1986), a performance by Bastien Gachet, a reflection upon Henri Bergsonā€™s notion of duration by Hein van Dongen, and musical compositions by Eugene A. Kim.