The Weight of Words

5:00 pm


Opening performance installation: Saturday 16th July 17:00-19:00

Installation performance: Sunday 17th July 16:00-18:00

The Weight of Words (TWOW) is a performance installation that exists at the meeting point of written text and the moving body. The writer sits to the side of the audience composing text as the dancer creates movement in the space. The visual artist receives text from the writer and arranges it visually before projecting it onto the white walls. As the words are projected the dancer responds to them as a part of her instant movement composition. This creates a feedback loop between text and body emphasizing the materiality of each.

Manuela Lucia Tessi (IT, NL) Amsterdam based dancer, worked with choreographers Katie Duck, Vincent Cacialano, Makiko Ito, Paul Estabrook, Miri Lee, a.o. and develops and performs her own work

Renée van Marissing (NL) is a writer of novels , theater and radio play texts, and director as well as vocal performer.

Sarah Hermanutz (CA, DE) is a new media artist and designer based in Berlin. Her interdisciplinary projects combine theatrical performance, sculptural installation, textiles and interactive technologies to explore the unstable cultural mythologies and theoretical/scientific frameworks used to rationalize the impacts of one’s (inter)actions on others.

Johanna Gilje (USA, DE) is an artist and theorist bridging video, installation and performance with text and interview based research. Currently based in Berlin, she continues to pursue solo and collaborative work surrounding themes of body, process and archive in performance.

Kristien Sonnevijlle (NL) is a dancer/vocalist working mainly as instant composer on projects with musicians and site specific work. Her background is in physical theater, mask work, contact improvisation and Subbody Butoh

Kateřina Dietzová (CZ,NL) dancer and performer. She works with choreographers Giulia Mureddu, Tabea Martin, Sumako Koseki, company Envoi. She is recently focusing on her own creations and on projects involving improvisation.

The Weight of Words is a production of Stichting Knopen: